Where can you get the support you need as a new agent?

Congratulations, you got your real estate license...now what?

There are close to 1.4Million Realtors in the united states. 1.4 Million!!! With new Realtors joining our ranks all the time. How are you going to make sure that, not only are you NOT part of the 84% of new Realtors that don't make it, but that can stand out from the crown and succeed?

Before you go down the road of worrying about zillow leads etc etc. Learn and master your craft! Take inventory of all of the resources available to you that can help you be a great Realtor.

Learn your contracts inside and out. Learn to be a great negotiator. Learn how to utilize the information available to you in the MLS. Learn the market. Know the numbers.

Ideally your broker will help with this. Unfortunately in my market we see many brokers being too busy, or perhaps simply uninterested in helping their agents become better agents. Better stewards of the industry. They just want to collect their portion of the commissions and recruit more agents.

Turn to your local association. Here at the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors in NWFL where I work we are lucky to have a fantastic association who is very education centric. We have FREE education offered almost daily! MLS, Contract, Core Law, Ethics, Negotiation, you name it we have it available. We do have to pay for the designation classes but thats expected.

I recommend getting involved with the association in some fashion. I joined a couple of committees last year and got a lot out of it, so this year I continued on with one of my committees and joined another new one. Right now I am trying to figure out which committees I want to be part of next year. In these committees you will find other great Realtors who have a desire to give back to the Realtor community. Some of these agents will Mentor you and be happy to share ideas and strategies....sometimes even more so than agents in your own office.

If your broker is not helping and your local association is not on par with mine you can attend classes in the eXp cloud university. This is not a recruiting pitch! Hit me up and I will send you a guest invite to the world and you can sign in and attend our free classes online from the comfort of your laptop...(Nobody has to know LOL)

My point again is, this is your business. We as Realtors are told all the time that we are Entrepreneurs who run our own business. So act like it and be professional, not for your broker, or your team...but because YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL so ACT LIKE IT! Educate yourself, master your craft, deliver excellent service to your clients and build the business you always wanted!

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Thanks for listening...see you next time!

Ep#16 Meet Sonia Figueroa and learn how she uses Social Media to power her business!

Sonia is a 14 year industry veteran working in the Chicago market.  Currently with eXp Realty.  

I met Sonia at the same Marketing Mastermind I met Neil Mathweg, Jason Frazier, Chelsea Peitz, Dustin Brohm, Shannon Milligan and many more.

Since that event in Park City Utah Sonia has been published in the book "Winning Real Estate: 9 Secrets to Success from Leading Pros" you can find it here on amazon 


Sonia was selected by the corporate team at Century 21 to collaborate with 8 other agents from around the US because of her social media "prowess".  

Sonia got her start with live videos on Periscope, then transitioned to Facebook Live and now IG and her Instagram Stories are where I enjoy follower her most.  Sonia is entertaining, engaging, educational (for both clients and agents) all while getting a behind the scenes look at a life of a Realtor and the City of Chicago.

You can find Sonia on all social platforms:
@soniafigueroare on Instagram

Honorable mentions in this episode:
Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen

Jordon Dennis of Century 21 Blue Marlin Pelican in my home town market on the Emerald Coast.  **Jordon if you see this let's get you on the podcast soon to share some of your knowledge with the new agents out there.

Help your clients tap into financial resources they may not know they have. | Andrew Martin Founder and President of Atlas Financial

Help your clients tap into financial resources they may not know they have. | Andrew Martin Founder and President of Atlas Financial

Teaching agents how their clients can invest in real estate within their retirement accounts. This will hopefully unlock the money in their clients retirement accounts and potentially lead to more sales for the agent. Will also position the agent as the expert, since most agents do not know how this works.

Ep#014 Why I just joined the Homes + Beach Team at eXp Realty! Is a team right for you?

This podcast is as much a journal of my own real estate journey as it is a way to try to help other agents.  

For 2019 I had set some pretty lofty goals for myself professionally.  I set 2 goals.  I wanted to sell 40+ homes AND I wanted to grow my own team of local agents.  

I realized quickly that January and February 2019 were going to be slow as they have been in the past years.  I was already behind the pace I would need to reach my goals.  This IS the year I breakthrough!!!  I can't fail already.  

My big speed bump or hurdle was the expense of lead generation.  You see, in order to hit my production goals I need more leads.  AND in order to be able to provide for agents on my team I would need...you got it...MORE LEADS!

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Zillow Ads etc etc all cost money!  

Then when you get a heavy enough flow of leads coming in you need to make sure they are handled effectively to ensure conversion.  Our friend David Tal from Agentology just mentioned a story about a top team in California that realized that 75% of their zillow leads that bought a house, used a different brokerage because they were not following up with their leads effectively.

So I needed MORE leads, and I needed LEVERAGE to ensure the leads were being handle correctly to maximize my ROI.

A friend had reached out a few months ago asking about the beach market in my area.  I thought nothing of it at the time but in the recent weeks I had seen posts and chatter about a new team forming HOMES + CITY and HOMES + BEACH.

I reached out and talked to the team leader, asked all of my questions, did my "due diligence" lol.  Then I reached out to my coach and bounced the idea off of him.  With Coaches blessing I accepted the offer to join the team.

The team has the lead gen systems already in place.  The support and coaching is in place.  I know am already receiving a flow of leads that feels like it will definitely allow me to hit my goals, and without that concern I have bought back time to focus on maximizing my conversion.  I also now have a brand and team that I can leverage to attract other agents and grow my local team to work with me.  Its a win win for me.

Teams are becoming to the new brokerage if you will.  A brokerage within a brokerage.  Now teams may not be for everyone.  Some people were just meant to be lone wolves lol.  I for one am already enjoying the "espirit de corps" if you will, of having a team around me.

If you think a team may be beneficial to you and you would like to reach out and chat about it in more detail please feel free to shoot me a DM and lets jump on a quick call.

If you have been thinking about a change and would like to learn more about eXp realty go to my website and click https://www.modernagentpodcast.com/join-our-team if the video intrigues you in any way, lets jump on a quick call and see if eXp and/or The Homes + Beach Team is a good fit for you too!

I am confident 2019 will be my best year yet.  I want that same success for you!

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Rick Gonzalez is a licensed Realtor with eXp Realty on the Emerald Coast of NW Florida.  

Ep#012 Stealing like an artist - How to curate consistent content w/Josh Pitts

Consistency is key but what do you talk about? How do you come up with ALL of that content??

Josh Pitts is a Loan Officer by trade, but 9 months ago he started a FB Live show #LOLIFE L O Life, as in Loan Officer Life. Josh’s high energy interviews and content have been a staple every day. Thats right, when Josh decided to start his FB Show he made a point of going live EVERY Day!

How do you come up with enough content to do a show everyday? You learn to “Steal like and artist”. As Josh explains, Stealing is not plagiarism. Stealing idea’s OK👍 Plagiarism NOT OK👎🏻.

As a Realtor or Loan Officer we consume a lot of content from people we respect in the industry. We watch videos, we listen podcasts, read articles and attend conventions. How much of the content that you consume is a NEW and ORIGINAL idea? It may be new to you, but I will venture that most of the ideas you have heard somewhere before.

Take the ideas that you consume, let them swoosh around and then write your blog post, record your video or podcast with your spin on it! Thats the difference maker. Your spin! You may hear something 100 times but its that 101st time from a different speaker that clicks and makes sense.

How do you get started? You stop worrying about being perfect and you start. Although Josh does reference a recent interview with Trish Leto who coaches her clients to “Press Play with Purpose” when they record the “5 Minute Lives” . Don’t just do a live video to do a live video. Have a purpose, have a message you want to get across and then go live with a purpose! But as Josh mentions don’t get hung up on the equipment. Many times when Josh is on location somewhere his phone and earbuds are all he uses.

If you want better equipment go for it, but dont wait for professional and dont try to be perfect. Remember “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction” (We can thank Coach Hank Avink with eXp Realty for that little nugget)

In hopes to motivate some of you guys to get started Josh through down a challenge to any of you out there who have been thinking of starting a podcast, or a youtube show or a facebook live show…Go LIVE on Facebook right now…yes RIGHT NOW! Grab your phone, plug in your earbuds, open facebook, press “GO LIVE” and go for it. Keep it short but talk about something…your weekend, you finally overcoming your fear and going LIVE…and then tag @JoshPittsLive and @ModernAgentPodcast in the post so we can check out the video and share it out.

If you have any questions about how to create/curate content for your show, or how to get started with your show please head over to our facebook page and let’s have a discussion. I’m sure there are other agents and loan officers out there that have the same question and will benefit from our conversation.

Remember guys and gals, helping agents and loan officers is the point of this podcast. The podcast is fun but I would love nothing more than to engage with you in real conversations on FB or if you find yourself in NW Florida, In person.




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Ep#011 How working with an ISA team/client concierge can help your business. David Tal CEO & Co-founder of Agentology

In this weeks episode we have the pleasure to speak with David Tal (Davy T) the CEO and Co-founder of Agentology.

With 10 years of experience in the real estate industry David identified a pain point with agents…phone calls! We’ve talked about it on previous episodes so it should come as no surprise that agents, US, we do not enjoy making phone calls. We spend an ungodly amount of money on leads but then are terrible at converting them and following up with them.

At Agentology HQ in San Diego is an entire team of living breathing human beings who love doing the things that we don’t! With a combination of the human touch and technology Agentology helps with the initial phase of lead conversion helping to qualify the lead, the contact info, time frame etc and when possible will warm transfer the lead to you! *Side not I was shocked to hear the low percentage of agents that actually answer the phone when Agentology is trying to warm transfer a lead to them.


Some stats that “Davy T” dropped on us in this episode:

#1 trait people are looking for in a Realtor = Responsiveness!

Agents are spending approx $15 Billion on lead generation…with a B

45% of all real estate leads NEVER receive a single response!

Leads that do get a response get 1 - 2 responses, however you really need at least 8 attempts to maximize your conversion.

**Agentology makes 10 attempts in the first few days and continue to nurture for up to 6 months.

Agentology integrates with ALL CRMS to help with a seamless process and work flow for your leads. Notes, texts and email conversations are readily available in the Agentology dashboard to keep you involved with the process so you can see how hard your ISA team is working for you. “Trust but verify”

Tips from “Davy T”.

1) Pick up the DAMN phone! Save the Agentology number in your phone as “Agentology live lead”

2) After the lead is qualified, read the notes and be sure to follow up accordingly. Stop cherry picking, you are losing leads to other agents. Have a long term follow up plan in place up to 18 months or longer.

3) When you follow up be sure to offer value. Send a list of Open House that they can go view on their own if they aren’t ready to meet you yet.

4) Don’t ignore renters! Help them without expecting anything in return and be their trusted advisor. When they are ready to buy they will call you!

Real estate is and always has been a relationship business. Continue to grow your repeat and referral business through building relationships and use the online leads to help you grow at scale.

Agentology Showing Services coming soon! lol.

If you love what you heard use this link Agentology50 to receive 50% off your first month and book your DEMO now. No long term contracts, month to month service that you can upgrade or down grade or cancel anytime. You will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Advisor to help you every step of the way.

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If you like what you hear and are interested in taking your business to the next level I would love to be your real estate business coach…unfortunately I have not started my coaching business…YET!  Until then I am happy to refer you to our good friend and coach Neil Mathweg.  We are very excited to offer a Master Class covering 5 steps to building an uncommon real estate career, completely FREE.  To take advantage of this offer simply text AgentRise to 44-222 and let them know that Ricky G sent you👊

Ep#010 Professionalism, Code of Ethics, Contracts and future guests.

Episode #010 Professionalism, Code of Ethics, Contracts and future guests.

February 04, 2019

Rick Gonzalez

As part of my Professional Development Committee duties I volunteer to monitor some of the classes that are offered at our local Realtor Association.  Last week I had the pleasure to sit in on 2 days of GRI 100 classes being taught by Ms Patti Ketchum who is a Florida Realtors Instructor out of Tallahassee and someone with great experiences that really made the class fun.

While I was in class and we were discussing the Code of Ethics, the document that separates us from common real estate agents, I began thinking..."How many Realtors have actually read the code of ethics, start to finish?  Of those how many understand it? Of those how many have a solid handle on how it should be interpreted in our new social market?

As we discussed the 17 articles and all of their Standards of Practice (SOP) I realized that Article 12 which deals mostly with the marketing side of things, when explained to the class there was no mention of social media, or online marketing.  The examples were mostly about signs and postcards.

So if it isn't being brought up in classes....are our agents, new and seasoned being made aware of the pitfalls and potentially harmful situations that may arise when using new systems.

Are we taking the time to learn the contract and addenda being used in our markets?  I mean really taking the time to learn the contracts?  Do you take the time to sit down with your clients and walk them through the contract so that THEY understand what they are signing?

I hear too often that we as Realtors are concerned about Zillow or some algorithm replacing us yet many of us are not willing to put in the time to make sure we are educated enough to provide the level of service our clients and customer want and deserve.

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Rick Gonzalez is a Realtor with eXp Realty in Florida.  Rick is also the founder and creator of Freeport Insider which is an online community for his City of Freeport Fl.

Ep#009 A little rant about what we should be focusing on in our pursuit of success.

I dont know what it is about this week.  Maybe all of the amazing feedback from my friends that attended Agent 2021 last week.  Maybe it was the recent 4 hour coffee chat with a local agent.  Maybe it's hearing all of the horrible advice being spewed across social media in real estate groups.  It might be the stories of agents running out of money and leaving the business after buying every short cut and shiny object available and not making it happen.

All I know is during my prep for my upcoming class I am teaching on "Social Media Marketing 101" for Realtors I ran across a Gary Vaynerchuk key note where he discusses "EFFORT" . I play the clip in todays episode but here is the link to the full video...good shit!  You should watch it!


What we can learn from this clip and hopefully from my rant is that we as Realtors need to understand what makes those of us successful.  Its not the tech, website, apps, CRM, or the car you drive.  It's YOU!  

In this episode I also give a shout out to Neil Mathweg and Nate Smoyer for being recognized as 2 of the top podcasts for tech savvy real estate agents in 2019!  If you are not following these guys you can find them and more like them at http://industrysyndicate.com

Thank you so much for listening and subscribing to the show it means the world to me when I hear from listeners that my content is helping.  If I can just help a few people then this is all worth!  Thank you!

Ep#008 marketing to your ideal client with Jason Frazier

Jason Frazier is the creator of The Agent Marketer, a coaching and mentoring group for Real Estate agents and Mortgage Professionals. Jason was recently named the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for Wise Agent CRM. He is a national speaker with past events such as Housing Wire “Engage Marketing”, Inman Connect SF & NY, and most recently Gary Vaynerchuks “Agent2021”

I have been involved with The Agent Marketer since its inception in 2018 and one of the things Jason was teaching us that I really loved and wished I would have learned this years ago. Creating your avatar! “no not the big blue guy from the movie!”

Your avatar is your ideal client. I’m sure you have worked with someone that just was not your ideal client, they were super needy, or the opposite they didn’t communicate enough, you had nothing in common, they didn’t like your jokes, or they thought you were unprofessional when you showed up in shorts and flip flops to the open house/showing. You got through it because you are a professional and thats what you do but woudn’t it be more fun, wouldn’t you enjoy your day more if you were working with people who already knew you? They knew you were a jeans and tshirt guy/gal, they know what you like to do in your spare time, they know your favorite place for coffee, they know you are casual and fun but get the job done. All of that can be had when you start marketing to your tribe!

For more on Jason you can find him at https://www.theagentmarketer.com/ and http://industrysyndicate.com/

Thank you so much for all of your support, remember if you get value from the site, the podcast, the social media to please subscribe and leave us a rating/review to help get the word out to other new and stuck agents that we as a community may be able to help. “Each one Teach one!” Let’s build our tribe as strong as possible and breed a culture of “Strength through adversity”. Ricky Gee.

Ep#007 Jas Takhar from REC Experience stops by to chat

In this episode I get to talk with Jas Takhar.  Jas is a 14 year real estate veteran with Royal Lepage in Toronto Canada.  His team of 20 agents is serving approx 600 families a year!!  Thats some serious production right there.  When he is not running the team, in his spare time Jas is the creator and host of REC Experience which is a show/podcast/vlog that interviews entrepreneurs and celebrities to see how they do what they do.  REC Experience recently dropped their 1st episode of the 3rd season featuring Scott McGillivray of HGTV Income Property Fame...if you have ever though about being a real estate investor (most realtors attempt this at some point) you should check out this interview it was awesome!

If you would like to learn more about Jas you can find him at RECexperience.com

Ep#003 David Greenspan discusses MINDSHARE!

David Greenspan has been showing up in my newsfeed for months now and this guys energy and enthusiasm is contagious!  On top of that he knows his shit!

David is a marketer from Toronto Canada. He’s been in the business for approx 13 years, he’s a huge Leafs Fan..”GO LEAFS GO” lol.

Growing up IN the real estate business, he was literally a baby hangin out in his fathers office David has a great insight in to what it takes to be successful even though he is not a licensed Realtor himself.

When someone mentions “running shoes” your first thought is probably “Nike”. The idea of “fast food” will most likely remind you of “McDonalds”, the same way “soda” makes you think of “Coca Cola”.

David’s big contention is that the big portion of your business comes from your SOI (Sphere of Influence) which is where his tag line of “MINDSHARE” comes from..building Mindshare, occupying a place in your sphere’s mind so that when they hear “REAL ESTATE” they think of YOU!

“This is called MindShare, a top of mind intuitive, instinctive reaction to a product or service.”

If you want more David Greenspan you can find him here:
@davidgreenspan101 on IG

Ep#002 Dustin Brohm discusses how to use "Voice" to set yourself apart from the crowd.

To hear Dustins episode where he discusses the Alexa skill he used at his open house click the link below.


If you would like to learn more about Dustin Brohm and everything he has going on you can find him here:
Search Salt Lake
Salt Lake Insider
@dbrohm on IG
@massiveagent on IG
Snappack Real Estate Marketing & Social Media Group

and of course you can listen to the "Massive Agent Minute" Alexa flash briefing every morning on your Amazon Alexa Device.👍