Ep#005 2018 wrap up and a look forward to 2019s Goals

2018 wrap up and a look forward to 2019s Goals

As we review the 1st 5 episodes of Modern Agent Podcast what have we learned?
1) Database is vital!  If you dont have one start today!  Shoot for having approx 300 people in your database.  As Neil said think of the people you would invite to your wedding.
2) Relationships! now that you have your database started really spend some time getting to know these people, even if they are your best friends, pour into them!
3) Time management.  Plan your day out, make the most of every minute and be intentional!  Planning a trip across town to have coffee with a client, stop and drive by the 2 new listings that are on the way.
4) Relationships!  Keep reaching out and giving to your database.  Don't be canned, be genuine and actually listen to them, invest in them!
5) Content!  Create content.  Doesn't matter if it's a newsletter, a blog, facebook live, a podcast, Alexa flash briefings....but you must be creating content on a regular CONSISTENT basis.
6) Relationships....at the end of the day this is a relationship business and without a lot of really great relationships you will fail!  

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In 2019 lean in to being more disciplined with your time and your effort and being consistent.  Discipline & Consistency!  Deploy discipline and consistency in everything you do.  You want to lose a few LBs for the beach this year, go to the gym consistently even when its hard, even when you are sore, even when it is raining.  Eat healthy consistently, pass on the donut and eat the eggs, each day and you will get to your goal.  There are no short cuts!  It is simply Discipline & Consistency.  Happy New Year!