Ep#009 A little rant about what we should be focusing on in our pursuit of success.

I dont know what it is about this week.  Maybe all of the amazing feedback from my friends that attended Agent 2021 last week.  Maybe it was the recent 4 hour coffee chat with a local agent.  Maybe it's hearing all of the horrible advice being spewed across social media in real estate groups.  It might be the stories of agents running out of money and leaving the business after buying every short cut and shiny object available and not making it happen.

All I know is during my prep for my upcoming class I am teaching on "Social Media Marketing 101" for Realtors I ran across a Gary Vaynerchuk key note where he discusses "EFFORT" . I play the clip in todays episode but here is the link to the full video...good shit!  You should watch it!


What we can learn from this clip and hopefully from my rant is that we as Realtors need to understand what makes those of us successful.  Its not the tech, website, apps, CRM, or the car you drive.  It's YOU!  

In this episode I also give a shout out to Neil Mathweg and Nate Smoyer for being recognized as 2 of the top podcasts for tech savvy real estate agents in 2019!  If you are not following these guys you can find them and more like them at http://industrysyndicate.com

Thank you so much for listening and subscribing to the show it means the world to me when I hear from listeners that my content is helping.  If I can just help a few people then this is all worth!  Thank you!