Help your clients tap into financial resources they may not know they have. | Andrew Martin Founder and President of Atlas Financial

Its 2019 and as Realtors we are always looking for ways that we can provide better service to our clients and set ourselves apart from our peers.

If you knew of an untapped financial resource that your clients could use to purchase additional investment properties without incurring fees or penalties for early withdrawal, do you think your clients might appreciate than info?

I think they would look at you like, wow you really do go above and beyond learning different ways to help your clients.  YES, tell me more.

Well obviously as a Realtor you are not a licensed financial advisor and you would be well advised to "Be the source of the source but never the source" . (A lesson I was taught early in my career that has served me well) So dont get in over your head, if you have clients that could benefit from this info get them in touch with someone like Andrew Martin of Atlas Financial in Pensacola.  

Self-directed IRA's is the term that Andrew is teaching us about.  Take notes, read up on it...just enough to be dangerous...and then be cognizant of any of your clients who may be in a position to benefit from this.

If you could help your client purchase investment properties, using the money in their IRA WITHOUT paying any early withdrawal penalty or taxes, do you think they would tell their friends who also likely have IRA's and would like to maximize the effectiveness of those funds?  I think they would.

I hope you enjoy this episode and learn as much new stuff as I did while speaking with Andrew.

If you would like to learn more Atlas Financial is Andrews website.