Ep#011 How working with an ISA team/client concierge can help your business. David Tal CEO & Co-founder of Agentology

In this weeks episode we have the pleasure to speak with David Tal (Davy T) the CEO and Co-founder of Agentology.

With 10 years of experience in the real estate industry David identified a pain point with agents…phone calls! We’ve talked about it on previous episodes so it should come as no surprise that agents, US, we do not enjoy making phone calls. We spend an ungodly amount of money on leads but then are terrible at converting them and following up with them.

At Agentology HQ in San Diego is an entire team of living breathing human beings who love doing the things that we don’t! With a combination of the human touch and technology Agentology helps with the initial phase of lead conversion helping to qualify the lead, the contact info, time frame etc and when possible will warm transfer the lead to you! *Side not I was shocked to hear the low percentage of agents that actually answer the phone when Agentology is trying to warm transfer a lead to them.


Some stats that “Davy T” dropped on us in this episode:

#1 trait people are looking for in a Realtor = Responsiveness!

Agents are spending approx $15 Billion on lead generation…with a B

45% of all real estate leads NEVER receive a single response!

Leads that do get a response get 1 - 2 responses, however you really need at least 8 attempts to maximize your conversion.

**Agentology makes 10 attempts in the first few days and continue to nurture for up to 6 months.

Agentology integrates with ALL CRMS to help with a seamless process and work flow for your leads. Notes, texts and email conversations are readily available in the Agentology dashboard to keep you involved with the process so you can see how hard your ISA team is working for you. “Trust but verify”

Tips from “Davy T”.

1) Pick up the DAMN phone! Save the Agentology number in your phone as “Agentology live lead”

2) After the lead is qualified, read the notes and be sure to follow up accordingly. Stop cherry picking, you are losing leads to other agents. Have a long term follow up plan in place up to 18 months or longer.

3) When you follow up be sure to offer value. Send a list of Open House that they can go view on their own if they aren’t ready to meet you yet.

4) Don’t ignore renters! Help them without expecting anything in return and be their trusted advisor. When they are ready to buy they will call you!

Real estate is and always has been a relationship business. Continue to grow your repeat and referral business through building relationships and use the online leads to help you grow at scale.

Agentology Showing Services coming soon! lol.

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