Ep#013 FREE STUFF FOR REALTORS - Co-founder of BreakthroughBroker Eric Sachs

One of the easiest ways for new Realtors to rush themselves out of the industry and become one of the 87% who don't make it, is to follow what the top producers are doing.  Now i'm not saying you can't take advice and follow their lead, but be careful with trying to keep up with the "expense"

Realtors are a huge market for other companies to sell to, i'm sure just like me, you get more than your fair share of sales calls DAILY.

The next shiny object is right around the corner and if you keep chasing them you are sure to find yourself back at a 9-5 and part of the 87%!

Enough with the doom and gloom.  There is a bright side.  Breakthroughbroker.com

After over a decade as Police Officer and Detective Eric Sachs started a real estate business, actually TWO.  He grew those businesses to a successful level and then received an offer to buy them, but that offer came with a non-compete.  So what next?

After attending a NAR convention Eric and Nathan noticed that only a small number of vendors offered a great product for Realtors and a reasonable price, and thats when it hit them!


Eric and Nathan set out to create the largest library of FREE products and materials for Realtors available.

Don't get this twisted in any way that because the products and materials are free that they are cheap, these are top notch, professionally designed pieces that will help any agent look great in the marketplace!

Top tips for new agents from Eric Sachs:

1) You have to put every single person you know into your CRM!  Everyone you know from your contacts list A-Z.  Reach and to each and update their contact info.  Then go through your facebook contacts, Linkedin contacts and your spouses phone too.  Create your database!   
***Market to the people you know and make them feel like you are the only Realtor in the world they should refer business to!***

2) Be social with other people and other businesses.  Stop wasting time with happy hours with other Realtors!  They aren't sending you business.   Identify the "popular" people in your sphere (database) and take them to coffee.  

3) Search the MLS, find the BEST deal and then reach out to your SOI and talk to them about it.  "I don't know if you are looking or perhaps you know someone that is, but I just found this great deal and wanted to tell you about it"

When you reach out to people in your database always reach out with a purpose.  Don't call with "hey i'm just calling to checkin"👎🏻 See tip #3

Reach out to local business owners and pick their brain.  Create and build relationships with anyone and everyone of influence and value.

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Rick Gonzalez is a Realtor with eXp Realty in Florida.  Rick is also the founder and creator of Freeport Insider which is an online community for his City of Freeport Fl.