Ep#003 David Greenspan discusses MINDSHARE!

David Greenspan has been showing up in my newsfeed for months now and this guys energy and enthusiasm is contagious!  On top of that he knows his shit!

David is a marketer from Toronto Canada. He’s been in the business for approx 13 years, he’s a huge Leafs Fan..”GO LEAFS GO” lol.

Growing up IN the real estate business, he was literally a baby hangin out in his fathers office David has a great insight in to what it takes to be successful even though he is not a licensed Realtor himself.

When someone mentions “running shoes” your first thought is probably “Nike”. The idea of “fast food” will most likely remind you of “McDonalds”, the same way “soda” makes you think of “Coca Cola”.

David’s big contention is that the big portion of your business comes from your SOI (Sphere of Influence) which is where his tag line of “MINDSHARE” comes from..building Mindshare, occupying a place in your sphere’s mind so that when they hear “REAL ESTATE” they think of YOU!

“This is called MindShare, a top of mind intuitive, instinctive reaction to a product or service.”

If you want more David Greenspan you can find him here:
@davidgreenspan101 on IG