Ep#008 marketing to your ideal client with Jason Frazier

Jason Frazier is the creator of The Agent Marketer, a coaching and mentoring group for Real Estate agents and Mortgage Professionals. Jason was recently named the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for Wise Agent CRM. He is a national speaker with past events such as Housing Wire “Engage Marketing”, Inman Connect SF & NY, and most recently Gary Vaynerchuks “Agent2021”

I have been involved with The Agent Marketer since its inception in 2018 and one of the things Jason was teaching us that I really loved and wished I would have learned this years ago. Creating your avatar! “no not the big blue guy from the movie!”

Your avatar is your ideal client. I’m sure you have worked with someone that just was not your ideal client, they were super needy, or the opposite they didn’t communicate enough, you had nothing in common, they didn’t like your jokes, or they thought you were unprofessional when you showed up in shorts and flip flops to the open house/showing. You got through it because you are a professional and thats what you do but woudn’t it be more fun, wouldn’t you enjoy your day more if you were working with people who already knew you? They knew you were a jeans and tshirt guy/gal, they know what you like to do in your spare time, they know your favorite place for coffee, they know you are casual and fun but get the job done. All of that can be had when you start marketing to your tribe!

For more on Jason you can find him at https://www.theagentmarketer.com/ and http://industrysyndicate.com/

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