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Jay O'Brien | Rethinking your customer experience

August 05, 2019

Rick Gonzalez | Jay O'Brien

If you are anything like me you might struggle with what to do for closing gifts?  In my career and being around many many different brokerages and Realtors I have seen quite a variety of gifts given to clients.

Cutco knives emblazoned with the agents name and brokerage.
Engraved cutting boards with the agents name and brokerage. (You can already see the trend right)
Bottles of wine (i've done this)
gift cards
Engraved wine glasses with the agents name
Art work for the home
Welcome home signs (i've done these)
Electronics and Amazon Echos (i've done these)

The list goes on and on but I think you get the idea.

Now fast forward to me being involved with Industry Syndicate and meeting David Greenspan.  David asked his audience of Agents this question "Where does your business come from?"  the majority of agents responded with Referrals and Repeat business.  But when asked "where do you spend your marketing dollars?" Sphere of influence and current/past clients was nowhere to be found...everyone spends their money on NEW LEADS?????????

This is where Jay Obrien stepped in and blew me away with Client Giant.  I was reading the July edition of Florida Realtor Magazine and found an article titled "Rethinking the customer experience" . Anyone who has been following for a while knows that Jason Frazier with Shred Media (Formerly Agent Marketer) just hammers on Customer experience or CX, So the title got my attention and I read on.  What I read got me excited and I wanted to learn more.

I found Jay on facebook and sent a DM telling him I just ready his article and wanted to learn more...within a few minutes Jay responded.  After a brief discussion he sent me links to 2 talks he had given at Inman, the first before client giant was born titled "Delivering 7-star service in a 3 star Industry" the second video "Zooming out and reclaiming your life"

Delivering 7-Star Service in a 3-Star Industry:


Zooming Out and Reclaiming Your Life:

Jay won Inman Innovator of the year in 2018 with Client Giants theory of reinvesting into your customers experience during the purchase/sale and creating lasting relationships long past closing.

Find out more about Client Giant on their website

Ep#012 Stealing like an artist - How to curate consistent content w/Josh Pitts

Consistency is key but what do you talk about? How do you come up with ALL of that content??

Josh Pitts is a Loan Officer by trade, but 9 months ago he started a FB Live show #LOLIFE L O Life, as in Loan Officer Life. Josh’s high energy interviews and content have been a staple every day. Thats right, when Josh decided to start his FB Show he made a point of going live EVERY Day!

How do you come up with enough content to do a show everyday? You learn to “Steal like and artist”. As Josh explains, Stealing is not plagiarism. Stealing idea’s OK👍 Plagiarism NOT OK👎🏻.

As a Realtor or Loan Officer we consume a lot of content from people we respect in the industry. We watch videos, we listen podcasts, read articles and attend conventions. How much of the content that you consume is a NEW and ORIGINAL idea? It may be new to you, but I will venture that most of the ideas you have heard somewhere before.

Take the ideas that you consume, let them swoosh around and then write your blog post, record your video or podcast with your spin on it! Thats the difference maker. Your spin! You may hear something 100 times but its that 101st time from a different speaker that clicks and makes sense.

How do you get started? You stop worrying about being perfect and you start. Although Josh does reference a recent interview with Trish Leto who coaches her clients to “Press Play with Purpose” when they record the “5 Minute Lives” . Don’t just do a live video to do a live video. Have a purpose, have a message you want to get across and then go live with a purpose! But as Josh mentions don’t get hung up on the equipment. Many times when Josh is on location somewhere his phone and earbuds are all he uses.

If you want better equipment go for it, but dont wait for professional and dont try to be perfect. Remember “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction” (We can thank Coach Hank Avink with eXp Realty for that little nugget)

In hopes to motivate some of you guys to get started Josh through down a challenge to any of you out there who have been thinking of starting a podcast, or a youtube show or a facebook live show…Go LIVE on Facebook right now…yes RIGHT NOW! Grab your phone, plug in your earbuds, open facebook, press “GO LIVE” and go for it. Keep it short but talk about something…your weekend, you finally overcoming your fear and going LIVE…and then tag @JoshPittsLive and @ModernAgentPodcast in the post so we can check out the video and share it out.

If you have any questions about how to create/curate content for your show, or how to get started with your show please head over to our facebook page and let’s have a discussion. I’m sure there are other agents and loan officers out there that have the same question and will benefit from our conversation.

Remember guys and gals, helping agents and loan officers is the point of this podcast. The podcast is fun but I would love nothing more than to engage with you in real conversations on FB or if you find yourself in NW Florida, In person.

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Ep#011 How working with an ISA team/client concierge can help your business. David Tal CEO & Co-founder of Agentology

In this weeks episode we have the pleasure to speak with David Tal (Davy T) the CEO and Co-founder of Agentology.

With 10 years of experience in the real estate industry David identified a pain point with agents…phone calls! We’ve talked about it on previous episodes so it should come as no surprise that agents, US, we do not enjoy making phone calls. We spend an ungodly amount of money on leads but then are terrible at converting them and following up with them.

At Agentology HQ in San Diego is an entire team of living breathing human beings who love doing the things that we don’t! With a combination of the human touch and technology Agentology helps with the initial phase of lead conversion helping to qualify the lead, the contact info, time frame etc and when possible will warm transfer the lead to you! *Side not I was shocked to hear the low percentage of agents that actually answer the phone when Agentology is trying to warm transfer a lead to them.


Some stats that “Davy T” dropped on us in this episode:

#1 trait people are looking for in a Realtor = Responsiveness!

Agents are spending approx $15 Billion on lead generation…with a B

45% of all real estate leads NEVER receive a single response!

Leads that do get a response get 1 - 2 responses, however you really need at least 8 attempts to maximize your conversion.

**Agentology makes 10 attempts in the first few days and continue to nurture for up to 6 months.

Agentology integrates with ALL CRMS to help with a seamless process and work flow for your leads. Notes, texts and email conversations are readily available in the Agentology dashboard to keep you involved with the process so you can see how hard your ISA team is working for you. “Trust but verify”

Tips from “Davy T”.

1) Pick up the DAMN phone! Save the Agentology number in your phone as “Agentology live lead”

2) After the lead is qualified, read the notes and be sure to follow up accordingly. Stop cherry picking, you are losing leads to other agents. Have a long term follow up plan in place up to 18 months or longer.

3) When you follow up be sure to offer value. Send a list of Open House that they can go view on their own if they aren’t ready to meet you yet.

4) Don’t ignore renters! Help them without expecting anything in return and be their trusted advisor. When they are ready to buy they will call you!

Real estate is and always has been a relationship business. Continue to grow your repeat and referral business through building relationships and use the online leads to help you grow at scale.

Agentology Showing Services coming soon! lol.

If you love what you heard use this link Agentology50 to receive 50% off your first month and book your DEMO now. No long term contracts, month to month service that you can upgrade or down grade or cancel anytime. You will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Advisor to help you every step of the way.

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Ep#010 Professionalism, Code of Ethics, Contracts and future guests.

Episode #010 Professionalism, Code of Ethics, Contracts and future guests.

February 04, 2019

Rick Gonzalez

As part of my Professional Development Committee duties I volunteer to monitor some of the classes that are offered at our local Realtor Association.  Last week I had the pleasure to sit in on 2 days of GRI 100 classes being taught by Ms Patti Ketchum who is a Florida Realtors Instructor out of Tallahassee and someone with great experiences that really made the class fun.

While I was in class and we were discussing the Code of Ethics, the document that separates us from common real estate agents, I began thinking..."How many Realtors have actually read the code of ethics, start to finish?  Of those how many understand it? Of those how many have a solid handle on how it should be interpreted in our new social market?

As we discussed the 17 articles and all of their Standards of Practice (SOP) I realized that Article 12 which deals mostly with the marketing side of things, when explained to the class there was no mention of social media, or online marketing.  The examples were mostly about signs and postcards.

So if it isn't being brought up in classes....are our agents, new and seasoned being made aware of the pitfalls and potentially harmful situations that may arise when using new systems.

Are we taking the time to learn the contract and addenda being used in our markets?  I mean really taking the time to learn the contracts?  Do you take the time to sit down with your clients and walk them through the contract so that THEY understand what they are signing?

I hear too often that we as Realtors are concerned about Zillow or some algorithm replacing us yet many of us are not willing to put in the time to make sure we are educated enough to provide the level of service our clients and customer want and deserve.

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Rick Gonzalez is a Realtor with eXp Realty in Florida.  Rick is also the founder and creator of Freeport Insider which is an online community for his City of Freeport Fl.

Ep#009 A little rant about what we should be focusing on in our pursuit of success.

I dont know what it is about this week.  Maybe all of the amazing feedback from my friends that attended Agent 2021 last week.  Maybe it was the recent 4 hour coffee chat with a local agent.  Maybe it's hearing all of the horrible advice being spewed across social media in real estate groups.  It might be the stories of agents running out of money and leaving the business after buying every short cut and shiny object available and not making it happen.

All I know is during my prep for my upcoming class I am teaching on "Social Media Marketing 101" for Realtors I ran across a Gary Vaynerchuk key note where he discusses "EFFORT" . I play the clip in todays episode but here is the link to the full video...good shit!  You should watch it!

What we can learn from this clip and hopefully from my rant is that we as Realtors need to understand what makes those of us successful.  Its not the tech, website, apps, CRM, or the car you drive.  It's YOU!  

In this episode I also give a shout out to Neil Mathweg and Nate Smoyer for being recognized as 2 of the top podcasts for tech savvy real estate agents in 2019!  If you are not following these guys you can find them and more like them at

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