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Since 2010, I have struggled to find MY way of doing the business of real estate. So many agents/brokers and they all have a different way of doing business. None of them felt like they were mine.


Our Mission

As Modern Agents we strive to utilize the tools that technology has granted us to do business our own way. You see the business of real estate hasn’t really changed that much. The relationship between you and your customer is still the #1 piece of the puzzle. You absolutely cannot replace it. Instead use the technology to enhance it. Use the technology to leverage your time and effort to grow your business, but remember the relationship must come first!

What agents are saying about us!

  • Rick, First just want to say again that I really enjoyed meeting you last week. Just listened to your podcast episode dealing with the GRI class! It was really cool to get to hear someone else’s perspective on the class, and you've really helped inspire me to push forward on my own podcast Ideas over here in Pensacola! Just wanted to reach out and say I can't tell you enough how much I LOVE what you’re doing! Modern Agent Podcast will definitely become regular listening in my Car and I will be recommending it to other agents I know. Look forward to hearing more from you! Sydnee - Pensacola FL